Facebook Graph Search: the Lemmings vs. Kant

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Stepping out of digital culture…

This is another piece of work, while taking stock of the few weeks into the EDEC course.  I started out unsure what culture was, and then the plethora of images and sounds from edcMooc and edec colleagues on eLearning and Digital Cultures presented each day helped build the picture.  Reading the core materials over the [...]

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Digital Artefact: The process

When given the task of making a summary of the edcMooc, I was in a little panic mode because it all seemed too ominous. I have to present a multimodal digital artefact along with it.  Both of these are skills which have gone a little rusty. So I started by browsing through the discussion forum, [...]

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The evolution of communication

This is a great visual from an article written on the Neuroanthropology site entitled the Fear of Twitter. This is my response to Amy Woodgate’s post who happened to have this image on her site on 10th February 2013 Hi Amy, I have this image up on my blog too but I did not comment [...]

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Fashion Digital Studio

I was at my trusted hairstylist last Saturday and it seems remarkable that his hair saloon does not have a website.  In Mark’s own words, “You are my advertisement. It is all through word of mouth.”  Has this local industry escaped the hype about having a spot in the cyber space? I was curious how [...]

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Hardware to Everyware: narratives of promise and threat

Today is experimentation with Wordle.  I thought it might be a good way to help me look at Hand’s article.  What you see is my third attempt.  The process of working this out has made me see some of the language groupings or metaphors being used to describe how digital technologies have impacted the political, [...]

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Orientation week

It is hard to get going again after such a fabulous Christmas and New Year break.  With the arrival of Sian’s email , welcoming us and outlining some of the requirements for the orientation week, a wave of excitement, nervousness and panic set in! However, Hand (2008) Hardware to everywhere: narratives of promise and threat, and Bell [...]

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