Week two summary

This week has been interesting for me personally as I was crossing physical boundaries of the UK and the States, and yet able to remain connected to the EDEC course.  There is a heavy reliant on text based post as a result of being in transition between the continents. My first post reflects the core [...]

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Week one summary

It was a week of experimenting with publishing a selection of things related to the topic of digital cultures, and re-acquainting myself with twittering. I am finding interesting digital artifacts and content to surface on my tumblog as a way to orientate myself to the topic. Hence you can see words like dystopia and  utopia [...]

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Hardware to Everyware: narratives of promise and threat

Today is experimentation with Wordle.  I thought it might be a good way to help me look at Hand’s article.  What you see is my third attempt.  The process of working this out has made me see some of the language groupings or metaphors being used to describe how digital technologies have impacted the political, [...]

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