Week two summary

This week has been interesting for me personally as I was crossing physical boundaries of the UK and the States, and yet able to remain connected to the EDEC course.  There is a heavy reliant on text based post as a result of being in transition between the continents. My first post reflects the core [...]

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Ethics in the virtual domains

Mark Poster (2006:141) posits the question if standards used in f2f  each day has limited application in the information age.  Examples provided points to the fact that different rules seem to apply for the virtual world. He highlights the fact that computer-mediated communication removes all traces of the embodied person, his or her voice, appearance, [...]

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Social Media as Virtual Panopticon?

This is a word which I have come across the first time from reading Hand’s article.   Foucalt, the French philosopher sees the power of social conditioning where people will take responsibility or self-regulate their behaviour when they know they are being watched.  He was fascinated by the architecture of Jeremy Bentham, seen above.  Such designs [...]

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