Portrait of a posthuman

Who is posthuman?  This afternoon I am pondering the question of identity and agency in the posthuman world.  It seems from the description of the visual artist, the self is no longer very stable, in fact it is illusive.  Using Eva Rorandelli, the artist’s words: “frozen in awkward positions without a sense of themselves.” It [...]

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Taking apart, scattering, putting back together

Reflecting on this course’s tumblog experience, I can see this process working out well.  In this last block of studies, I am effectively taking apart Haraway, Hayle, Edwards, Penderson, Angus and Gough and then writing reflections on these (scattering) and publishing them on the tumblog.  In time I will be putting this back together again [...]

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Is posthuman educable? (Penderson, 2010)

I am intrigued by the choice of words so far used to describe the humanist traditions. In Penderson, it is the reference of “instabilities of humanist traditions/ideals of education and “institutionalised production, mediation, and development of knowledge”. (Penderson, 2010; 241) Instability conjures for me a sense that the foundations of the humanist traditions have some [...]

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Week ten summary

Week ten started with a skype session which helped to make some sense of the concepts of cyborgs and posthuman to a certain extent. Haraway’s writing was a struggle, and I decided to set it aside and try to look at any descriptions or visuals to help unravel the posthuman concept and I found “A [...]

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The posthuman future

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Posthuman: a concept, a non-human or half-human or neither?

This topic is completely out of my comfort zone. It reminded me of when I had to learn physics or Descartes, neither of these made sense to me! Perhaps I need an idiot’s guide to Posthumanist and Cyborgs. So here’s me trying to make sense of it all – I hope the application of these [...]

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Making sense of cyborgs, posthuman and human

It has been quiet at the Western Front! From ethnographies to philosophies of cyborgs and posthuman. To put myself in the shoes of a feminist, humanist, posthumanist and activist, all at the same time is quite a big ask! Thanks to Amy Woodgate, I think I have put on the right lenses, and I am [...]

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