Final summary

The tumblog experiment in this course essentially demonstrates how students experience¬† “disaggregation and reaggregation – taking things apart, scattering them across the network, and then having them put back together by the machine.” To me the tumblog experience was also about the creation of an online blogging identity through the weeks, and understanding the digital [...]

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Week eleven summary

This last week’s tumblog has been focused on reviewing the various articles on Posthumanism to help shape my final assignment. I used the discussion questions to guide my reading and was only able to begin to consider question 4 in the list: What other connections might there be between cyborg theory and the pragmatics of [...]

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The end of lifelong learning: a post-human condition by Edwards

This is enlightening. Edwards provided a number of binaries that illustrate the epistemological-ontological separation.(Edwards, 2010: 8) epistemology – ontology meaning – matter significance – substance subject – object theory – practice knowing – becoming apparent- real reflecting – intervening thinking – doing representing – experimenting This sums up his description of a post-human education which [...]

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A sum of parts: posthuman humans

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