Post Week 4 – a response to Amy’s Mooc artefact

I have entitled this post week 4 as a play of words on post human, and also post week 4 edcMooc digital artefact response to Amy Woodgate’s brilliant audio summary.  Could a journey be more relaxed as demonstrated by the inclusion of a live performance at St Pancras and the inviting sound of the sea?

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Transliteracy: Crossing Divides – a response

“The concept of transliteracy calls for a change of perspective away from the battles over print versus digital, and a move instead towards a unifying ecology not just of media, but of all literacies relevant to reading, writing, interaction and culture, both past and present.” This is refreshing as it tries to encapsulate media literacy [...]

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Flight Paths

Flight Paths as mentioned in Thomas et al (2007), Transliteracy : Crossing Divides. This concept of a network work of fiction, a transliterate production, is truly inspiring. I am inclined to try to create one if it is not too large an undertaking. I love the simplicity, the subtle use of different modalities and dynamic [...]

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