My virtual ethnography: an IVF blog

For a better view, try clicking on the full screen icon. Methodology I have gained some insight into online ethnography through Hine’s article and I wanted to see what he means by connective ethnography particularly the notion of “getting there” rather than “being there”,  how to allow the subjects to judge what is authentic, and [...]

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Community and cyberculture, Bell (2001)

Reference: Bell, David (2001) Community and cyberculture, chapter 5 of An introduction to cybercultures. Abingdon: Routledge. pp92-112

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Virtual objects of ethnography

This week I have been trying to make sense of what a online ethnography means and what an online community entails. From reading Hine (2000), some of the following points stood out a) the difference between a physical immersive experience, the online study will be one of reflexivity where the ethnographer’s own experience of arriving [...]

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