Heidegger on Ontological Education, or: How We Become What We Are

“Real education lays hold of the soul itself and transforms it in its entirety by first of all leading us to the place of our essential being [Wesensort] accustoming us to it” (p253) “Genuine education leads us back to ourselves, to the place we are, teaches us to dwell there and transforms us in the [...]

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A phantasmal media approach to empowerment, identity, and computation

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Portrait of a posthuman

Who is posthuman?  This afternoon I am pondering the question of identity and agency in the posthuman world.  It seems from the description of the visual artist, the self is no longer very stable, in fact it is illusive.  Using Eva Rorandelli, the artist’s words: “frozen in awkward positions without a sense of themselves.” It [...]

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Is connectivism a cyborg pedagogy?

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A sum of parts: posthuman humans

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The posthuman future

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Street art view

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Banksy’s art attack

What happens if this was an online mural? This raises the question of ownership and authorship in a public space.

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Facebook Graph Search: the Lemmings vs. Kant

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edcMooc artefact: Intersections

Intersections – the edcMooc community is made up of individuals with different needs and interests.  Here, in edcMOOC, their lives somehow intersect with each other, and create a vibrant community.  How the lines or sticks drop and pile up determine the strength of connectedness, and eventually, if the connections fuse with each other, it becomes [...]

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A response to Candance on Kress

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Flight Paths

Flight Paths as mentioned in Thomas et al (2007), Transliteracy : Crossing Divides. This concept of a network work of fiction, a transliterate production, is truly inspiring. I am inclined to try to create one if it is not too large an undertaking. I love the simplicity, the subtle use of different modalities and dynamic [...]

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eLearning utopia?

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Ethics in the virtual domains

Mark Poster (2006:141) posits the question if standards used in f2f  each day has limited application in the information age.  Examples provided points to the fact that different rules seem to apply for the virtual world. He highlights the fact that computer-mediated communication removes all traces of the embodied person, his or her voice, appearance, [...]

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Fashion Digital Studio

I was at my trusted hairstylist last Saturday and it seems remarkable that his hair saloon does not have a website.  In Mark’s own words, “You are my advertisement. It is all through word of mouth.”  Has this local industry escaped the hype about having a spot in the cyber space? I was curious how [...]

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