Post-humanism and lifelong learning


Post-humanism refers to an enactment that deconstructs the  separation of subjects and objects and, with that, the focus on the human subject  as either a representative of an essentialised human nature or in a state of constant  becoming.

A post-human intervention points to the constant material entanglement of the human and non-human in the enactment of the world, and thus the
problematic status of subjects and objects as separate from one another

Richard Edwards, The end of lifelong learning: A post-human condition? Studies in the Education of Adults Vol. 42, No. 1, Spring 2010


image above – Whilst checking out various references, I decided to check ‘ontology’. Interestingly the definition was not the only info that was presented. A rich data stream confronted me: video, audio, more advertising, facts, related and what seems unrelated items are brought to the from, all vying for attention on my laptop screen.

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