Today I decided to recap and look around, gathering some ideas and examples of the task that lies ahead. With this course being delivered online and previous years also being available a rich spectrum of thoughts are spread across these networks of EDEDC communities. Voices from the past speak to me, allowing me to put into perspective questions and remarks that were made over space and in time.A useful reminder of that what we study can also be put into practice.

In an instant I can capture voices that speak up and reflect on issues that I am dealing with, grateful for the explanations that are being presented

herehere and here.

I am reading these reflections (tumblogs) as a feed into my own thoughts, pushing forward my understanding, a state of my own ‘becoming’.  My conscious ‘self’, and the thoughts of others, separated by time and space have temporarily integrated and fused, to (hopefully) enlighten my understanding. A posthuman condition we seem to continuously engage with in an online environment.  The re-reading of Edwards is now bringing further clarity. Perhaps the initial phase in learning is to absorb the representational stage and then to deconstruct (in my case the despair that followed),   allowing for a condition that allows for a focus on ontology (following readings of Edwards,although he does warn it is not that simple)…. the ‘ post-human ethico-epistem-ontology’ (Barad, 2007)  wherein there is an entanglement of  things; ‘things as question, as provocation, incitement, or enigma’ (Grosz, 2009)

p. 125).

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  1. cmeckenstock March 28, 2013 at 10:47 am #

    We are ‘haunted’ by the voices of the past! Thank you for this really uncanny description of the learning process! :)

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