week 11 – summary


This week has seen me crawling around the internet similar to these animated ants.

I felt a need for further readings on Deleuze – spurned by the Gough and Edwards paper, but also remembering Sian Bayne’s paper entitled ‘Smoothness and Striation in Digital Learning Spaces’ (in E-Learning, Volume 1, Number 2, 2004) which influenced my IDEL10 essay.

In parallel,  I have been considering Derrida (deconstruction), multimodality and social media.

For the assignment I am planning to look at the extent music bands and their fans use social media and the effect this has on the creation of glocal communities and narratives. [early draft, to be refined]

I accessed a number of e-Journals listed on the  hub in order to get an idea of recent literature (especially fanbase, Deleuze and social media). To keep track of all the references I re-familiarised myself with Zotero.

Some discipline will be required to maintain the focus of my assignment manageable. Next week I will be looking at the various platforms for the web essay, as well as the additional criteria.


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