shifting meaning

Practices of knowing are specific material engagements that participate in (re)
configuring the world. Which practices we enact matter – in both senses of the word.
Making knowledge is not simply about making facts but about making worlds, or rather
it is about making specific worldly configurations – not in the sense of making them
ex nihilo, or out of language, beliefs, or ideas, but in the sense of materially engaging
as part of the world in giving it specific material form. (Barad, 2007, p. 91, emphasis
in original)

I thought this was an intriguing quote in the Edwards paper

how does this work with MOOC or indeed this course? Could ‘material’ mean the construction of websites, interacting with social media?

I am still puzzled by this paper. Every time I read it is seems to conjure new meanings, but these new meanings do not contribute to my embedded understanding, rather the ideas keep moving, drifting.

Having done some reading on Derrida, I would assimilate this paper as part of my personal process of constructing meaning, which does not end, nor is it a singular process in time and place (1) , with place meaning online and offline location.

(1) Richards, K Malcolm. 2008. Derrida Reframed: A Guide for the Arts Student. London: IB Tauris.



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