week 12 – summary

This final week has been an extremely busy week, collating ideas, reflecting and absorbing some dense readings and planning the tasks ahead.

Revisiting Harraway, Edwards and Shields brought the focus back to posthumanism and cyborgs. This stood in contrast with the online research I carried out on the topic of ‘rhizome’. At long last, a visit to the library (*) brought the opportunity to page through Deleuze and Guattari’s book ‘ A 1000 Plateaus’.  Reading its first chapter, I was completely blown over by the fact that ‘Rhizomes’, at just under 30 pages,  can have such a tremendous impact on my understandings of internet behaviour.

I decided on my topic for the assignment. I will follow up the ethnographic study in You Tube. Rather than visual arts, I will look at music and how bands and fans connect, not just in YouTube but extended into other social media presence.  This will potentially give me a chance to research how sound is positioned in the literature.

I revisited some of the previous readings I carried out on Derrida and deconstruction. This material will no doubt feature whilst analysing some of the social media observations.

I checked previous MSc coursework and literature, accessing WebCT and my ‘old’ holyrood blog.  It took a little while finding the old links within an institutional maintained environment.This illustrated how my own archiving can be fragile and  risky, with a decision from now on to use Zotero as my main referencing tool.

I looked into my plans  for using an online platform to present my assignment. As I already have a number of blogs in Google, I will probably continue with this tool, although I expect I will make use of other resources such as Pinterest and Thinglink.

(*) this library has the graffiti ‘love sick’ on the wall. Strange that the the book and the image were just 20 meters apart, the book on the inside, the graffiti on the outside….

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