love sick – dis/connect

I was unable to add a sound to the vuvox artifact, will need to investigate, but the one above is a found one I greatly enjoyed and thought fitted neatly.

Click on sound above and then click/visit vuvox below, get my drift….?







‘Making visible that interdependence—in general, rather than in this single instance—is, I think, the primary pay-off of the posthumanist shift in the unit of analysis.’

‘…the reciprocal production of subjects and objects, the coupled becoming of the human and the nonhuman.’

Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (1987) -a heterogeneous assemblage  with a certain kind of inner unity… zones of intersection and interference

from the Pickering readings


There seems a vast potential in connecting, disconnecting a heterogenous assemblage of multi-modality, that creates meaning, temporal meaning which is pushing forward a narrative.

Here I let the image seek connection, the underlying intuitive story, the internet tools of things, opens up:

tracking through spaces of performativity and agency, always becoming (Deleuze)

‘the smallest unit of analysis is the relation’ (Haraway, quoted by Hayles), in ‘Unfinished Work: From Cyborg to Cognisphere’

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Love sick – on the road again

The journey continues in the streets of Edinburgh, looking for clues, where does love lead to…?

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Love sick – repositioned






‘technology enabling technology’

In a previous posting I reported that Google Earth did not display the graffiti on the wall. Above I indicate precisely where it should be.

Jen’s suggestion of fixing may be saved for a rainy day…..

Experimenting with thinglink was easy and enjoyable. Thanks to all for showing me they way!


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Love sick: a story continued

 I thought I would continue with my story, if you remember, the  graffiti image of a heart.

In a previous comment, I let the story end (Page not Found). I felt this was a symbolic move, poetic almost reflecting the emotional tension in the artefact.

Today I was considering a link to another website, until I received an alert via my mailbox to inform me that my photo has now taken it’s own internet course, through Pinterest.

You can check the link here.

In my continuous attempt to link the image to a narrative, emerging from its online presence, I looked for further evidence, through Google maps and noticed, not surprisingly, that love sick is absent from the Google wall.

Internet spaces and real life spaces are in a continuous flux

(to be continued)

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Page not found

Anyone reading online has experienced the ‘Page not found’ moment.

It is accompanied by a computer message revealing the number  404 … is this the internet’s doomed number…?

It is a curious event both for the ‘visitor’ and the ‘visited’…. in this timeless and digitally spacious medium, we are confronted with a closed door policy, a change of mind, an out of date, a rupture in communications.

High expectations are abruptly stopped, sales lost, ideas re-routed…

All of a sudden, we enter the world of databases, tags gone wrong, categories lost, protocol AWOL…

Administrators are notified.

A narrative that drifted.

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A story

Today I had a walk to the library. On the way down I noticed this graffiti on the wall of the art college and I took a photo.

Here it is…

The author of this anonymous piece of artwork is not connected to me. Our paths crossed by chance, in an asynchronous mode…  By taking the photo I turned it into an object, a mediated artefact taken out of the physical context, placed into a digital context.

I re-appropriated the image, I now entitle it ‘love sick’, I can make it into a narrative, I made it public.

Now I can start thinking of a story….

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