week 7 – summary

I have spent all week checking through the YouTube upload of the BBC’s Simon Schama’s Power of Art – part 1 to 7

YouTube Preview Image

This was a tasks that took longer than originally anticipated. The observations will be offering an interesting perspective of the YouTube platform, with a sample of postings recorded over a 4 year period.

I decided to use a Google blog and am now investigating which artifact to draw the ethnography into that may be best suited. In view of the limited time available I may have to rely on existing expertise, although I would prefer using a new platform.

The coming week will be spent revisiting the readings of the block, with additional commentary.

In the meantime my ‘other’  blog is public – check my blogroll for for more info.
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I have now started my routine postings on ‘my other blog’ which I am using for my ethnography.

I feel remarkably quiet within these blog boundaries, but with a new shoot, distinctly rhizomatic!

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A community aggregating #communities

This seems an interesting example of how one news topic (the de-facing of Rothko’s painting in the Tate) is being aggregated into an arts community forum by the power of hastags.

although it is a powerful collating force, does it represent a community?

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Google blog

I spent the evening on my Google blog for the ethnographic project and I feel rather odd…. The blog seems so lonely, my online community feels over here!

Digital spaces are like touching circles, some small, some large, some close, some distant.


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