The week’s observations

This has been a very busy week, trying to post comments, following threads, building up a visual log of activity.

Here I hope to give a snapshot of most recent activity, offering me a time to reflect and synthesize:

  • Amy posted a comment touching on  ’the fear of technology’, yet technology and humans are very much intertwined.
  • Candace illustrated that smell may well be on its way to bringing a new sensory experience into the digital realm.
  • Chantelle offered a great example of how art can make visual, with the artist Sol Le Witt offering a framework for her digital artefact
  • Annabel is currently away from digital technology, due to stay in Kenya. This is a stark illustration of the digital ocean, with continents not necessarily within reach
  • Phil’s artefact is both a very private and public statement, a visual and aural response to MOOCs and a theoretical introspection, more, I would like to suggest, a digital ‘installation’ to illustrate the perception of ‘space’
  • Steph illustrated how digital boundaries are overcome, or blocked, with wifi networks locked/unlocked, the naming of some giving an interesting identity to their locations
  • Nikki’s Glogster artefact gave me the inspiration to sign up and use this platform to continue with my love sick story…

Voila, my very human aggregation! … with the help of the ‘recent post and comment’ facility in WordPress…

(I thought I could read it out and record it but due to lack of time, I have to give this a miss…)

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I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of what I have been discussing and writing on the various platforms.

Over these past few days, there seems an exponential growth of comments. One of the buzzwords in my head is aggregation. In order to be efficient, I need to be using my tags better…

I realise I should check:

  • Pinterest board
  • WordPress main page
  • WordPress course participant pages
  • Tweetdeck
  • The week 4 MOOC overview page and all its spin offs
  • the EDEDC MOOC and the discussion forum

My coffee breaks, lunch and evening are increasingly spent checking status and adding comments.

I check my mobile phone for incoming messages about various accounts but know that not all are notified through my mailbox.

I am looking for visual clues that can give a better understanding of how to interact on the course.

I check YouTube and my Flickr account

I have a story in my head that needs to be followed up.

I would like to try out all the other platforms I haven’t had a chance to look at yet: thinglink (signed up for an account), Glogster (not yet)…

Is this utopia or dystopia?

Am I (becoming) post human?

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