‘Your nervous system and the internet are one’

WARNING: this is not science fiction…

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Professor Kevin Warwick

Brain gates in 2020: time to start ‘becoming technology’…

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The clip World Builder very much reminded me of the Steven Spielberg film ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Both narratives explore the idea of dying and keeping memories.

The idea that in a SF world, we could re-create life, or make life better would be linked to our technological progress. Mankind invents, and these inventions contribute to the world’s ‘advancement’. However, there is always another side to the coin, the Utopian/Dystopian balance. Does the world progress if there is global pollution? Many SF films seem to portray a world affected by human-induced disasters. Will technology be put to good use to clear up the mess? Can we trust technology?

In AI, there is a fundamental ethical consideration in as far that android life is considered subordinate and dispensable. Once androids have reached their shelf life, they are redundant and can be destroyed. Similar ideas are explored in Blade Runner, Total Recall.

Lots of technology today is dumped. Indeed, the clip Bendito showed that at the end, the artifact was dumped, on top of many others…This is a byproduct of  Moore’ s Law and the frightening challenge our cyberculture it is not just about an information revolution but the material resources that support it (with reference to Hand’s article).





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