Test article: on tags and categories

testing an article…..

I am trying to get my head around all these WP features. I discovered I had an older version of IE and some features did not even appear.

I had a similar experience with Pebblepad. At the time it was crucial I would write an essay, but spent most of my time working out the features, and got dreadfully distracted from the actual purpose of my writing. I am sure I would have written a completely different essay in MS Word….

So yes, let’s try and get a feel for this.

I am conscious I should be ‘tagging’ and ‘categorizing’. The internet is tagged-heaven, if you don’t tag you are doomed, hellish…. Same for categories. We are all labelled. It makes us more friendly to the big wide world out there.

I now tried IE, Chrome, Firefox… but my daytime version is different from my evening version (work/home) so this will still be a potential barrier…

In the meantime I am still trying to work out the difference between a ‘post’ and an ‘article’… must check the manual…

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