Looking back on my engagement with the MSc in e-learning, over these past few years various topics have emerged:

  • creating dialogue
  • building communities
  • identity
  • personal learning environments
  • digital presence
  • speed
  • time
  • space
  • narratives
  • electric portfolios
  • visuality
  • strategies
  • pedagogy
  • ethics
This spectrum highlights the pervasiveness of online activity.
In the context of aesthetic spaces, in particular for the visual arts, the experience of  ’space’ in which these digital artifacts are presented can be seen as a ‘new frontier’.
For the assignment, the ‘digital-ness’ will be maintained ‘a priori’, there is no escape: the virtual space these bytes occupy will be another digital patch in the internet topology. How the topology will be effected remains to be seen, no doubt influenced by Deleuzian workings.
Crossing these imaginary html boundaries will present an interesting challenge, mixing human consciousness with a machine-driven discipline.
I guess we are all cyborgs now, in our online and offline modes,   a surface for ‘grafting onto’ (p 217) Rob Shields.


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Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus by John David Ebert

I thought it would be interesting to bring in some audio clips, as part of my gatherings.

John David Edbert also has a YouTube channel with uploads

A challenge in terms of scholarly referencing in case I wanted to refer to these as part of my essay.
Perhaps in an academic context, applying this Deleuzian inspired practice of referring to not necessarily academic reviewed online resources other than academic papers is not quite as acceptable?

Interestingly this dilemma links to Derrida, and the continuous reinterpretation of meaning, linked to time and space.

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Deleuze conference

Jeremy Knox, PhD on this module has produced some interesting research. I found this link for a conference he was at. Seems to have a wealth of information for anyone interested in Deleuze. Jeremy’s blog for this course also gives some further insights for the Edwards paper… Useful indeed.

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Deleuze: societies of control

This is an interesting albeit controversial digital artifact that seems to generate discussion in YouTube. It can be read on a meta level, illustrating Deleuze’s writings

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