Are you talking to me?

There is some discussion about the visuality of the internet, the liquidity of images etc. Literature points to the development of web 2.0.

Whilst the dynamics of the associated imagery is fast and ever changing, I would suggest that technological advances for adding sound is a fundamental shift, contributing to the depth of cyberspace.

The creation of images is part of a very longstanding human tradition, and the duplication of these images has been an ongoing technical development for a few centuries. Printing, screen printing, photocopying has been around for quite some time, with digital manipulation and printing emerging in the 80s.

Where before images were reasonably mobile, sound was less omnipresent. However, with mobile technology we are surrounded by land and sound scapes. Web developments allow to grab and edit sound and manipulate sounds as if they were visual. The availability of  such combination adds to the enhanced experience.


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