This week’s activities (week 0)

The icebreaker is a great way of getting in the mood and swing of things.

What digital culture means is a kaleidscope of imagery… My mind always wanders… I started off with the ‘Dog image’, then there was Pixar, Mandelbrot, Blade Runner, Human League’s ‘Being Boiled’ and I had to stop myself.

1984 was a pretty crucial year for me: I decided then that computer graphics was totally fascinating. I thought it would be a great way to enhance film and TV images, music videos, even make some original electronic art… I met a few people, Edward Ihnatowics, Harold Cohen, John Landsdown all inspirational encounters, and then there was Ridley Scott’s film based on an old time favourite of mine (Philip K Dick‘s novel) and the music of the eighties, influenced by electronics, which I still listen to most days now…

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