Deleuze: societies of control

This is an interesting albeit controversial digital artifact that seems to generate discussion in YouTube. It can be read on a meta level, illustrating Deleuze’s writings

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‘She who Measures’

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I came across this animation in the Samsung future shorts series.

Another dystopian vision of pointless consumerism controlled by media.  The main characters have monitors strapped in front of their eyes and are constantly fed images and information. The evil clown (= bad person pretend good) is in charge of a pointless shopping parade, directing the queue going nowhere…. One lonely individual (accidentally?) disconnected from this sinister procession, is slightly erratic and unsure what to do (too much autofeed in the past).   A hole appears in the dark sky which is like a bad membrane, keeping pollution in. The sun peers through and the doomed characters are suffocated in the heat. Do they die?     The Clown seems to have absorbed Armageddon …. the cycle restarts  showing new (?)  characters in their glass wombs – can I dare say this represents education?

The evil clown is ready for a new circus parade  and the next shopping trip. One however escapes…..

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