Medieval website

Some medieval paintings are like webpages, with writing and images, rich in stories and symbols. The painting has to be ‘read’ and one has be familiar with  its symbolism in order to understand the meaning. Many interpretations have been given, and for Bosch’s contemporaries it must have been one of the rare opportunities to see a visual representation of morals and beliefs.

Scholarly viewing of the painting would determine a  certain order to ‘enter’ the artefact. Viewing for pleasure allows the eye to ‘visit’  its distinct parts, similarly to visiting webpages.

This image above is by Hieronymous Bosch who was born circa 1450

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A story

Today I had a walk to the library. On the way down I noticed this graffiti on the wall of the art college and I took a photo.

Here it is…

The author of this anonymous piece of artwork is not connected to me. Our paths crossed by chance, in an asynchronous mode…  By taking the photo I turned it into an object, a mediated artefact taken out of the physical context, placed into a digital context.

I re-appropriated the image, I now entitle it ‘love sick’, I can make it into a narrative, I made it public.

Now I can start thinking of a story….

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