tagging for narratives

‘In this project, the author(s) tried to understand “What happens in nicovideo [a service similar to YouTube]  by visualizing the inherent tag co-occuring networks. Tag co-ocurring networks on Nicovideo represent relationships of content and subsequently, evolution of content. ‘

I thought the idea of ‘evolution of content’ was an interesting concept. The internet grows discussion, like a digital farm, it is being cultivated and harvested.


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Love sick: a story continued

 I thought I would continue with my story, if you remember, the  graffiti image of a heart.

In a previous comment, I let the story end (Page not Found). I felt this was a symbolic move, poetic almost reflecting the emotional tension in the artefact.

Today I was considering a link to another website, until I received an alert via my mailbox to inform me that my photo has now taken it’s own internet course, through Pinterest.

You can check the link here.

In my continuous attempt to link the image to a narrative, emerging from its online presence, I looked for further evidence, through Google maps and noticed, not surprisingly, that love sick is absent from the Google wall.

Internet spaces and real life spaces are in a continuous flux

(to be continued)

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Test article: on tags and categories

testing an article…..

I am trying to get my head around all these WP features. I discovered I had an older version of IE and some features did not even appear.

I had a similar experience with Pebblepad. At the time it was crucial I would write an essay, but spent most of my time working out the features, and got dreadfully distracted from the actual purpose of my writing. I am sure I would have written a completely different essay in MS Word….

So yes, let’s try and get a feel for this.

I am conscious I should be ‘tagging’ and ‘categorizing’. The internet is tagged-heaven, if you don’t tag you are doomed, hellish…. Same for categories. We are all labelled. It makes us more friendly to the big wide world out there.

I now tried IE, Chrome, Firefox… but my daytime version is different from my evening version (work/home) so this will still be a potential barrier…

In the meantime I am still trying to work out the difference between a ‘post’ and an ‘article’… must check the manual…

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