think I got myself a new topic for the assignment ;)    and giggles too…

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Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus by John David Ebert

I thought it would be interesting to bring in some audio clips, as part of my gatherings.

John David Edbert also has a YouTube channel with uploads

A challenge in terms of scholarly referencing in case I wanted to refer to these as part of my essay.
Perhaps in an academic context, applying this Deleuzian inspired practice of referring to not necessarily academic reviewed online resources other than academic papers is not quite as acceptable?

Interestingly this dilemma links to Derrida, and the continuous reinterpretation of meaning, linked to time and space.

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Deleuze: societies of control

This is an interesting albeit controversial digital artifact that seems to generate discussion in YouTube. It can be read on a meta level, illustrating Deleuze’s writings

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tagging for narratives

‘In this project, the author(s) tried to understand “What happens in nicovideo [a service similar to YouTube]  by visualizing the inherent tag co-occuring networks. Tag co-ocurring networks on Nicovideo represent relationships of content and subsequently, evolution of content. ‘

I thought the idea of ‘evolution of content’ was an interesting concept. The internet grows discussion, like a digital farm, it is being cultivated and harvested.


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Ehtnography – YouTube Mark Rothko

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YouTube community rules

“Let folks know what you think. Feedback’s part of the experience, and when done with respect, can be a great way to make friends, share stories, and make your time on YouTube richer. So leave comments, rate videos, make your own responses to videos that affect you, enter contests of interest—there’s a lot going on and a lot of ways to participate here.”

Not too sure how easy it is to make friends on YouTube

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A community aggregating #communities

This seems an interesting example of how one news topic (the de-facing of Rothko’s painting in the Tate) is being aggregated into an arts community forum by the power of hastags.

although it is a powerful collating force, does it represent a community?

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Looking for Mark Rothko – part 7

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Looking for Mark Rothko – part 6

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Looking for Mark Rothko – part 5

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Looking for Mark Rothko – part 4

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Looking for Mark Rothko – part 3

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Looking for Mark Rothko – part 2

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The Machine is us/ing us

by Mike Wesch, see the reference in the Transliteracy article by Sue Thomas et al.

the video claims to be the final version… can there ever be a final version?

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mapped sound

A geography of sound

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