Semester starts today!

flying kites

Welcome all to the official start of semester! It’s great to have you on the course.

Many of the tumblogs are already underway, so you should spend time this week getting yours started, if you haven’t already, and also looking at and commenting on other’s blogs. This course works best when people take time to comment on each other’s work – there’s no core discussion board, so we’re depending on that, and on twitter to build and keep the course community.

The first of our film festival chats is tonight - link to our film room on Synchtube here. Don’t worry if you haven’t done all the readings and so on by then – the main aim is to meet each other for a bit of semi-formal watching, discussing, virtual popcorn-eating and socialising around our movies. We are looking forward to it! Please just note that Synchtube can sometimes be a bit browser variable, so if your usual browser doesn’t seem to be doing a great job of it, please try a different one (Chrome on PC and Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac are OK – Internet Explorer can be a bit flakey but give it a go if that’s your browser of choice).

People are already tweeting using the #ededc hashtag, and the course lino is already looking good, so please continue to contribute to these.

See you tonight!


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