hello to visiting #edcmooc people!

image by Eleni Zazani, Creative Commons license CC:BY:NC.

Hello and welcome to anyone visiting this site who is taking part in the E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC, starting on 28 January. We’re delighted to see you! Feel free to have a look around the course site (this one) and the participants’ sites. You might be particularly interested in the film festival page, since some of the films listed there will be on the syllabus for the MOOC (we won’t say which ones, to preserve the element of surprise!).

Please note that the site you are visiting now is not part of the MOOC – it is part of the MSc in Digital Education/E-learning. So the instructions and advice here are for students on the MSc, not participants on the MOOC!¬†However, you’ll notice that some pages and posts on this site, and on course participants’ sites, are open for comments – you are very welcome to share your thoughts, questions and ideas with us.

Oh, and if anyone is curious, this course is part of the MSc in Digital Education (formerly the MSc in E-learning), a part-time, completely online Masters programme offered by the University of Edinburgh. (Applications for September 2013 are now being accepted, so if this is your kind of stuff, do check us out!)

3 thoughts on “hello to visiting #edcmooc people!

  1. elenizazani

    Greetings from a white London!

    It’s nice to see my photo on the post and getting ready for MOOCing! I would appreciate it if you added the attribution attached to the license of the image. (CC BY-NC)

    Feel free to continue using the images I will be creating as part of the course.

    Many thanks for all your hard word in this MOOC!
    Eleni (@elenizazani)

  2. jross3 Post author

    thanks for this, and apologies, Eleni – our theme didn’t appear to be displaying image captions, but I think it’s okay, now.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations during the MOOC!


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