Week 2: the film festival continues

It’s week 2, and the second of our three film festival themes begins today – “other worlds”. We will host a Synchtube chat this afternoon at 2pm, and hope to see you there if you’re free. In any case, make sure to spend time in Twitter this week, tweeting and discussing your responses to the readings and films, and nominating new films.

Everyone has now made a start on their tumblogs – well done! Remember that you need to write a summary of your tumblog content at the end of each week (please give this a subject line like “week 1 summary”), reflecting on how it expresses and builds on the course themes, readings and activities. And keep on posting – this week, try experimenting with a format you haven’t used yet (sound, video, links and so on). A post doesn’t have to be long – unlike your blogs in IDEL, these tumblogs should play with fragments as well as longer, text-based entries, and you should aim to add something to the tumblog every few days at least.

Have a great week, everyone!

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