It’s week 3! Welcome!

The course has been really active over the last week, with some great blog posts – please keep them coming, and also keep up the commentary on each others’ postings too – a good culture of commentary is already emerging on the course, which is fantastic.

This week the activities are relatively low-key: to do some reading and thinking on multimodality and changing conceptions of literacy, and to start to look about a bit in the EDC MOOC, which launched last night. A bit of time spent familiarising yourselves with the MOOC will be handy for next week, at the end of which we ask you to make a visual, textual or multimodal response to the MOOC activity that week. As far as we know, this is a unique first attempt to bring students on an accredited course into contact with a MOOC  on a similar topic area as teaching associates, so we hope the experiment will work and that you will enjoy it!

Please note that we’ve changed the plan for getting you into the MOOC – rather than asking you to sign up yourselves, we will now sign you up and you should get an invitation into the course (there were some technical problems with Coursera we have had to work around). You will be registered there as ‘Teaching staff’. There are 40,000 participants on the MOOC.

So – please enjoy the week, and if you have any questions about any of this, please post a reply here or drop one of us an email.

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