Week 5: a little breathing space…

First, a massive thank you to you all for the work you put in last week on the MOOC, and on making such a terrific collection of artefacts, and within deadline too (no mean feat given how much content there was for you to get to grips with). The page of responses is really hugely impressive, and as well as the portrait it has drawn of EDC MOOC week 2, I think it has been very useful to the MOOC participants who are thinking about ideas for their own digital artefacts at the end of the course.

It’s been wonderful to see the feedback you’re getting on the artefacts too, from the MOOC participants. The aim of this week is to start to gather some of this into your own tumblogs, and also to make some comments of your own on others’ artefacts, to reflect on the MOOC and so on – anything you can do to try to consolidate some of the work you did last week.

Jen will be in touch via email to see if anyone is willing to help with the MOOC hangout on Friday, by fielding questions in G+ and Twitter, much as Phil and Chantelle did last week. This was quite hard work, but fun – any help would be much appreciated!

So – thanks again everyone – you’ve made a massive contribution to the MOOC and produced some really great work. Next week we move away from all things MOOC and focus on something quite different (if you want to continue on the MOOC as participant, though, you are of course welcome!). In the meantime we hope you enjoy this relatively low-key week on EDC….

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