Image – Music – Text

“The narratives of the world are numberless. Narrative is first and foremost a prodigious variety of genres, themselves distributed amongst different substances -as though any material were fit to receive man’s stories. Able to be carried by articulated language, spoken or written, fixed or moving images, gestures, and the ordered mixture of all of these [...]


Week Five – Overview

  Life circumstances this week have made getting my thoughts onto the Tumblog a challenge! The high point of this week was the MOOC Hangout. The value of this experience was immense and I came away feeling that I had learned something new [use of Google +] and reinforced something already present [the sense of [...]

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Cultural narratives

  “The figura of the storyteller is an archaism, a social type which has lost its function as a result of the technological transformations of literacy. It has been relegated to the margins of modernity, and survives there as a relic of the imagination, a nostalgic archetype, an anthropological specimen, apparently dead…such ruined figures embody [...]

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    On the MOOC this week there was a very interesting forum thread titled ‘Are some media more ‘human’ than others?’ which considered among other things the power allocation of the binary text vs image. I like this marketing advertisement from Sky as it amalgamates both elements.


Week Four – Overview

  This week was challenging and great fun! The main focus of this week was the creation of a digital artifact. Decisions on which elements of the MOOC to focus upon and how to present the artifact were of primary concern. Choices made… Dystopia on Glogster! This presentation platform was new to me and I [...]

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After eight…

We began this adventure as a group of eight. Over the course of three weeks the sense of community strengthened, interaction increased and the group dynamic solidified. Our pre-MOOC sense of parameters, security and borders have been removed. The shape of the group has transformed…into thousands.   It makes me wonder if I would feel [...]

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The Glogster experience

Create a digital artifact? Hmmmm… I had never used Glogster before. In fact, the first time that I had even seen the word in print was when I saw it on the list of ‘possibles’ provided to us for our artifact presentation options.  As a presentation platform Glogster ticks several boxes. It supports audio, text and image. [...]

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Digital Artifact – Dystopian frequencies

  My digital artifact, dystopian frequencies tries to capture the feeling of dystopia through image, sound and text. Please click on the image to access the artifact itself. A reference list of materials used in the artifact are available here.  


Week Three – Overview

  So the rollercoaster is gaining momentum…This week it has been a case of holding onto the rails of this fast moving vehicle we call EDC. New topics and subjects of interest present themselves with every turn and I have had to find a balance between an exploration of these capillary routes and staying on [...]

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Intersecting the transliterate

Jenkins (2001) states that  media convergence comprises of at least five processes: technological, economic, social/organic, cultural and global, writing that ” these multiple forms of media convergence are leading us towards a digital renaissance – a period of transition and transformation that will affect all aspects of our lives” (Jenkins, 2001). Indeed Kress (2005) recognises [...]