Tumblog: Reflection # 3 – Structure

The EDC course structure is designed as three blocks: popular cybercultures, virtual communities and posthumanism. This framework establishes the order in which the theory and concepts arising from the topics are approached, discussed and considered. This mapping of the topic is crucial in setting of a navigable route upon which the course journey may be [...]

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Dialing the future

Forty years ago, on April 3rd 1973 the first mobile phone call was made by Martin Cooper, an employee of Motorola. Since then the mobile phone has become  as essential a  part of our everyday survival kit. Glasses, driving licence, lipstick, mobile phone… To just imagine getting through an average day without it would send [...]

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Mermaids, boundaries and Haraway

  So many of the cyborg associations that I have identified over the past two weeks have taken the human/machine form. What of the animal/human merger? What of the mermaid? The other evening I found myself mesmerized by a Discovery Channel documentary Mermaids The Body Found. Armed with a cynical raised eyebrow I initially thought [...]

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Week Eleven – Overview

  This week my Tumblog hasn’t seen a lot of action principally due to home dynamics [sick children] Between the bouts of illness I did manage to tend to an area of concern that was niggling at the corners of my mind. I wanted to ‘show’ [myself / anybody] what I meant when talking about [...]

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Gatherings II

          Last week I posted of new feelings towards my Tumblog, seeing it as a rhizomatic landscape. Taking steps from the single to the multiple, the essence of the Tumblog changes. Through interaction, experimentation and communication we create a networked  kaleidoscopic mesh.  For me, the image above illustrates how the meshing [...]

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Week Ten – Overview

Time is flowing past at high speed! Week Ten has been perhaps the most instrumental so far in that it has facilitated and encouraged the positioning and knitting together of key concepts. Beginning with  21st Century Cyborg? I tried to clarify what ’cyborg’ means outside of the fiction arena, provoking questions on body, soul and conscience [...]

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 ”In the post-human, rather than the subject representing the object through sense data of, for instance, observation, we enter into the spatio-temporal practices of gathering and experimentation. Knowing is not seperate from doing but emerges from the very matter-ings in which we engage” (Edwards, 2010)   I love the quotation above from Edwards (2010). For me, [...]


rhizomatic becomings

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Sonnet to a cyborg

 Today is World Poetry Day 2013! I thought that it would be fun to have a go at putting together a cyborg inspired sonnet…Poetry not  my thing but figured I’d give it a whirl anyhow!


Malkovich – second order cybernetics

On thinking of Von Foerster’s reflexivity theory, the idea that “the observer of systems can himself be constituted as a system to be observed” (Hayles, 1999) I am forced to re-consider the full potential and impact that observance [and by default, participation] may have had upon the ethnographic study carried out earlier in this module. [...]

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