Tumblog: Reflection # 2 – Multimodality

  “We have perceptions, thoughts and personalities (already shaped by other communications technologies) that are affected by the way we use the medium and the way it uses us.” (Rheingold, 1993)   The Tumblog platform encourages use of and experimentation in a wide range of modalities. This platform menu opens the gateway to imagination and [...]

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Tumblog: Reflection # 1 – Community

Since the beginning of this module I knew that this blog was providing a radically different experience than the blog I used in IDEL. Having watched it take shape over the last few months, ebbing and flowing against the tides of offline life, the end is nearing, finality beckoning. On reflection, time itself was instrumental [...]

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I have completed oodles of these Captcha boxes in the past, paying them little or no attention. Seeing them as a stepping stone to getting onto my destination webpage. Having dabbled my toes into this week’s readings they strike me as dividers  – seperating the realms of the human and non-human.


Week Eight – Overview

This week has been all about the ethnographic study and wow…an eye-opener of an experience! I’ve never done anything like this before. It brought the readings of the section to like by gently nudging questions over the definitions of community and  subculture. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to live the ethnographer’s role from [...]

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Ethnography: Reflection # 2 – Community

At the begining of my ethnographic adventure I set out to explore how far if at all the common interest may be stretched to encompass the imagining of community. I wasn’t sure how this theory would transfer onto the group I was looking at – YouTube Nirvana / Grunge Rock Group.  I still feel uncertain [and a little [...]

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Ethnography: Reflection # 1 – Diversity

Diversity is a wonderful creature. The ethnographic studies presented by all of our group are varied in both content and form. I think that it is amazing to see the difference in Gina’s You Tube experience contrasted with my own one. Likewise, Phil’s [experienced] use of Issuu felt like an inverted mirror image of my [...]


Week Seven – Overview

Offline life has put pause to my online pursuits.  Poorly children who require full attention leaving limited time to studies. This week my tumblog post has highlighted the role of history/historicism plays in shaping the present and the future. I thought that this was apt given the current activity. This week has felt like a [...]

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Micro-Ethnography: Nirvana/Grunge Rock You Tube Community

    For my micro-ethnography I decided to study a Nirvana/Grunge Rock You Tube community. Access to the ethnography is available here and EDC comments are listed below.  


History repeats itself / coiling down into the future…

I love this quote [above]. Thought it fitting given the ethnographic course content that we are currently covering. Highlighting the value of  the reflexive methodological approach.   History repeats itself / coiling down into the future…   Johnnydeeps (2008) History repeats itself A.O.S. available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIL-uFB7cIc [accessed 01.03.2013] Foucault, M. (2007) Space, power and knowledge. I: During, S. The [...]


Week Six – Overview

Direction change. This week has introduced all things ethnography related. It has been a heavy week in terms of teasing out  ideas on what kind of community to look at, how to approach the task and how to represent the ethnographic findings.   Tumblog Week Six postings reflect these tentative steps toward deciphering between community [...]

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