Week Eleven – Overview

  This week my Tumblog hasn’t seen a lot of action principally due to home dynamics [sick children] Between the bouts of illness I did manage to tend to an area of concern that was niggling at the corners of my mind. I wanted to ‘show’ [myself / anybody] what I meant when talking about [...]

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Gatherings II

          Last week I posted of new feelings towards my Tumblog, seeing it as a rhizomatic landscape. Taking steps from the single to the multiple, the essence of the Tumblog changes. Through interaction, experimentation and communication we create a networked ¬†kaleidoscopic mesh. ¬†For me, the image above illustrates how the meshing [...]

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In the words of Father Ted…

In the words of the infamous Father Ted “Down with this sort of thing!” At the dinnertable two weeks ago my teenage son told me of a revolutionary visual aid that changes how we can ‘see’ the world. All hail Google Glass! Imagine my surprise to read an article during the week on the same [...]

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