Week Seven – Overview

Offline life has put pause to my online pursuits.  Poorly children who require full attention leaving limited time to studies. This week my tumblog post has highlighted the role of history/historicism plays in shaping the present and the future. I thought that this was apt given the current activity. This week has felt like a [...]

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Micro-Ethnography: Nirvana/Grunge Rock You Tube Community

    For my micro-ethnography I decided to study a Nirvana/Grunge Rock You Tube community. Access to the ethnography is available here and EDC comments are listed below.  


History repeats itself / coiling down into the future…

I love this quote [above]. Thought it fitting given the ethnographic course content that we are currently covering. Highlighting the value of  the reflexive methodological approach.   History repeats itself / coiling down into the future…   Johnnydeeps (2008) History repeats itself A.O.S. available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIL-uFB7cIc [accessed 01.03.2013] Foucault, M. (2007) Space, power and knowledge. I: During, S. The [...]