Petri…fied cyberspace

Rheingold (1993) uses the petri dish as a metaphor for cyberspace. I love this analogy for the simple reason that it highlights the possibilities of cyberspace running parallel to offline reality. All too often there is the automatic expectation that all of our online experiences should be perfect simply because they are online, because they [...]



  I hadĀ settled on the idea of looking at a grunge community for my ethnographic study. I must admit that I have found it pretty difficult to pick an online community for this activity. After some pondering I think that one of the main reasons why this has been so difficult is simply down to [...]


Ethnographic musing…

    So in thinking about a culture I find my head a-spinning…so much choice. I was reminded of a blog post that I had read recently. It considered the ramifications and avenues of undertaking an ethnography of robots. What caught my eye about the post was the application of culture to this group…   [...]

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