I have completed oodles of these Captcha boxes in the past, paying them little or no attention. Seeing them as a stepping stone to getting onto my destination webpage. Having dabbled my toes into this week’s readings they strike me as dividers  – seperating the realms of the human and non-human.


Ethnography: Reflection # 2 – Community

At the begining of my ethnographic adventure I set out to explore how far if at all the common interest may be stretched to encompass the imagining of community. I wasn’t sure how this theory would transfer onto the group I was looking at – YouTube Nirvana / Grunge Rock Group.  I still feel uncertain [and a little [...]

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Ethnography: Reflection # 1 – Diversity

Diversity is a wonderful creature. The ethnographic studies presented by all of our group are varied in both content and form. I think that it is amazing to see the difference in Gina’s You Tube experience contrasted with my own one. Likewise, Phil’s [experienced] use of Issuu felt like an inverted mirror image of my [...]