Week Five – Overview

  Life circumstances this week have made getting my thoughts onto the Tumblog a challenge! The high point of this week was the MOOC Hangout. The value of this experience was immense and I came away feeling that I had learned something new [use of Google +] and reinforced something already present [the sense of [...]

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Cultural narratives

  “The figura of the storyteller is an archaism, a social type which has lost its function as a result of the technological transformations of literacy. It has been relegated to the margins of modernity, and survives there as a relic of the imagination, a nostalgic archetype, an anthropological specimen, apparently dead…such ruined figures embody [...]

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    On the MOOC this week there was a very interesting forum thread titled ‘Are some media more ‘human’ than others?’ which considered among other things the power allocation of the binary text vs image. I like this marketing advertisement from Sky as it amalgamates both elements.