Week Two – Overview

Building upon what I had encountered in the previous week I felt a move from thinking about cyberculture in ‘technology’ terms to its consideration through a wider lens, that in effect cyberculture as an entity is part of a many-pieced jigsaw. This week has encouraged me to reflect on the value of perspective. That the [...]

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Picture perfect

How does if at all, the use of color contribute to the creation of  dystopian/utopian associations? The street scene above from the pre-schoolers TV program Balamory is used  as a setting for a happy environment where all problems may be resolved and life is pretty much picture perfect. The houses in this program are painted [...]


Martian perspective

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‘The flaw is human’

  Minority Report (2002)

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  Visual representation of the recursive relationship between ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’ Bell (2001) Storying cyberspace 1: Material and symbolic stories

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