Week Four – Overview


This week was challenging and great fun!

The main focus of this week was the creation of a digital artifact. Decisions on which elements of the MOOC to focus upon and how to present the artifact were of primary concern. Choices made… Dystopia on Glogster! This presentation platform was new to me and I found that the visual which I had in my head transferred easily onto the screen. I wanted to move away from text [where I feel most at home] and dabble in sound and image.

What I found really refreshing about this task was the diversity of the artifacts. The eight of us, given the same brief, submitted a varied and exciting range of presentations, each one substantially unique. I view such variance as a byproduct of  the vastness found in both the MOOC and the substantial number of presentation platforms that we have access to.

Interaction with the MOOC over the past two weeks has me feeling more at ease with it. My posts this week have considered how I feel about the MOOC and the potential impact, if any that a shift in the group dynamic has had on shaping these feelings.  Although it is massive in content and participant numbers the solid structure helped me to become more at ease with my navigation through this great online ocean.


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