Week Five – Overview


Life circumstances this week have made getting my thoughts onto the Tumblog a challenge!


The high point of this week was the MOOC Hangout. The value of this experience was immense and I came away feeling that I had learned something new [use of Google +] and reinforced something already present [the sense of our class community].

This week was a chance to spend time looking at all of the digital artifacts that we created and it was amazing to note the diversity of presentation forms and user approaches – a little like a digital pic ‘n’ mix! From this collection it is easy to see what each platform showcases in terms of suitability for specific uses. It was reassuring to note that feedback I received showed that what I set out to depict was achieved.  Self – reflection on how I would do things differently next time is an important part of the feedback process though I think that the tight time-frame impacted on the final result. I am very impressed by the other artifacts and will definitely use some, if not all of the platforms in the future.

Areas that I dipped into this week included cultural narratives and the potentially varying ‘human’ capacity of one media over another. The former reminded me of Canadian photographer Jeff Wall’s piece The Storyteller, representing a social setting marginalised through exclusion from cultural technological transformation. The latter area continued reflection on the power of image vs text and how content / circumstance calls for one over the other.

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