Week Six – Overview

Direction change. This week has introduced all things ethnography related.

It has been a heavy week in terms of teasing out  ideas on what kind of community to look at, how to approach the task and how to represent the ethnographic findings.


Grid A

Tumblog Week Six postings reflect these tentative steps toward deciphering between community and subculture, what community could be and / or is.  I have felt a little torn about this distinction. I think that the Subculture post has forced me to give time to considering that the location / source hosting a community in itself could contribute to how participants form interactions and subsequently identification with/in the community.



Grid B

The idea of conducting an ethnographic study with non-human subjects is intriguing and an area that is sure to contribute to my bedside locker collection of the future!

The Tumblog is serving a clearer purpose for me these days. Not only as a visual / textual log of what I thought at a particular moment in time  but is pushing my process of thinking, of connecting wider. I have begun to think of my Tumblog as a tram navigating unknown territory, expanding the route system along the way, charting a map of exploration from the basic [Grid  A] to the downright weighty! [Grid B!] It might feel like it’s a long way from Bury to Edge Lane but the engine is picking up speed and the journey enjoyable.


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