Week Seven – Overview

Offline life has put pause to my online pursuits.  Poorly children who require full attention leaving limited time to studies.

This week my tumblog post has highlighted the role of history/historicism plays in shaping the present and the future. I thought that this was apt given the current activity. This week has felt like a continuation of week six like how sections of a caterpillar link together. In this way considerations of community and culture in the previous week are still very raw in my mind and shape my reflections over these days.

Although I haven’t had time to put to print I am questioning how I could / should approach my ethnographic study. Although I have pinpointed the group I would like to explore as Grunge related I still need to clarify in my mind exactly how I’m going to approach it. This is a normal process for me before approaching any activity so I’m currently curious but comfortable.

A comment from Jen suggested that I might use my fieldwork to explore an idea that I had been mulling over from one of the posts from the  previous week.

How far can the common interest be stretched to encompass the imagining of online community.

I’m excited about the avenues this ethnographic exploration is going to lead me down…




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