Ethnography: Reflection # 1 – Diversity

Diversity is a wonderful creature. The ethnographic studies presented by all of our group are varied in both content and form. I think that it is amazing to see the difference in Gina’s You Tube experience contrasted with my own one. Likewise, Phil’s [experienced] use of Issuu felt like an inverted mirror image of my own use of the platform. The employment of sound changing the presentation landscape.

Using the same components or looking at the same platform may result in an experience poles apart.


One Response to “Ethnography: Reflection # 1 – Diversity”

  1. Jen Ross March 14, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

    great observation to take from this process, Nikki – it’s one of the really nice things about working multimodally, too, in the sense that diversity is likely to come in both the form and the content of our creations. I like that. :-)