Week Eight – Overview

This week has been all about the ethnographic study and wow…an eye-opener of an experience!

I’ve never done anything like this before. It brought the readings of the section to like by gently nudging questions over the definitions of community and  subculture. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to live the ethnographer’s role from start to finish. Truely an immersive experience!

Time spent this week looking at the studies of my peers only re-emphasised the diversive approaches of the group…no two studies look or feel the same. I found it interesting that although I had used the same platform and ethnographic environment as two of my classmates all of the results differed dramatically. This is something that I find reassuring and refreshing. The MSc has opened my eyes [and mind] to the realm of the multimodal and I found the ethnography gave me another chance to dabble in the unknown, to experiment and explore.



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