Week Nine – Overview

I had just started to get concepts and ideas clear[er] in my head and then we hit Block III. I feel as though i have taken several steps backwards and although I know that the hill before me holds a prize on the summit…understanding / awareness/ penny-dropping moments… I find that my steps this week are small, tentative even.

Reading time has had a visually obvious knock on effect on my posts. I question myself on being too uncertain to post confidently? Or should I write too unconfident to post with  certainty?

This is something I will have to find my way around…I just have to get my head around using the Tumblog as the soundboard it is.

CAPTCHAvated opened the gateway to the idea of boundaries, lines between human and machine and the function of those divisions. I think that I like the topic in hand even if I do feel a smidgen intimidated by it….


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