Week Ten – Overview

Time is flowing past at high speed! Week Ten has been perhaps the most instrumental so far in that it has facilitated and encouraged the positioning and knitting together of key concepts.

Beginning with  21st Century Cyborg? I tried to clarify what ’cyborg’ means outside of the fiction arena, provoking questions on body, soul and conscience – all nudging me forward. A celebration of World Poetry Day encouraged me to step [way] outside my comfort zone and experiment with A Sonnet to a Cyborg. I saw this as an opportunity to push my own personal boundaries and dip my toe in unknown waters.

The pinnacle of this week for me was the lightbulb moment  that generated from reading the Edwards [2010] paper.  Gatherings outlines how the meaning of the Tumblog has morphed to become part of the ‘knowing’ itself.  

”In the post-human, rather than the subject representing the object through sense data of, for instance, observation, we enter into the spatio-temporal practices of gathering and experimentation. Knowing is not seperate from doing but emerges from the very matter-ings in which we engage” (Edwards, 2010) 

The rhizomatic nature of the Tumblog is composed through our connectedness, interactions and distances.  Readings this week allowed me to see earlier readings / activities in a new light. Originally inspired by IDEL the cyberspace topography image, Rhizomatic becomings  shows how connected all of these course components are.The concepts of the past ten weeks are not single isolated dots, but connected together by overlapping lines of the familiar.

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