Week Eleven – Overview


This week my Tumblog hasn’t seen a lot of action principally due to home dynamics [sick children]

Between the bouts of illness I did manage to tend to an area of concern that was niggling at the corners of my mind. I wanted to ‘show’ [myself / anybody] what I meant when talking about the rhizomatic nature of the Tumblog in Gatherings. The image in the original post didn’t sit comfortably with me…it sort of felt inadequate.

What better way to do this then to use the Tumblogs themselves. Collecting all of our Tumblog walls in one artifact meant that although each contributor could recognise their own work it resulted in the gathering of several to form one. My wall rhizome image did end up looking somewhat similar to a scorpion though this was accidental. Perhaps if held upside down or diagonal it will take a different form, varying from one interpretation to the next.

The concept of cyborg remained at the surface of my thoughts this week , asking questions over how technology, such as Google Glass, could add to us becoming cyborg-like. This raised questions of privacy, ownership and social immersion. The cyborg is embedded within the fibres of sci-fi…how exciting to uncover another contemporary real life example.

While there is a temptation to state that week Twelve of the Tumblog will be spent tying loose ends together I actually feel that this is the wrong way for me to view the remaining time. I hope to spend this time giving final nurture to the roots and shoots bursting from the experience of all that is EDC.



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