Tumblog: Reflection # 1 – Community

Since the beginning of this module I knew that this blog was providing a radically different experience than the blog I used in IDEL. Having watched it take shape over the last few months, ebbing and flowing against the tides of offline life, the end is nearing, finality beckoning. On reflection, time itself was instrumental in shaping this difference, created through interaction and the establishment of community.


The blog interaction nourished through feedback and comment has helped to establish our EDC community. Totally aware that all posts are available in the mainstream the intimacy of our group number provided the feeling of being present within a safe, secure environment. Confidence gained through posting within this social network resulted in more confident posting as time progressed.

The community element played a role in how and what I posted. The social aspect embedded as core within the EDC blog meant that feedback and comment were anticipated and readily welcomed. Knowledge sharing was an underlying byproduct of interaction resulting in constant learning and awareness of new topics and technologies. This would not have been as achievable outside of a community based framework.

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