Tumblog: Reflection # 2 – Multimodality


We have perceptions, thoughts and personalities (already shaped by other communications technologies) that are affected by the way we use the medium and the way it uses us.” (Rheingold, 1993)


The Tumblog platform encourages use of and experimentation in a wide range of modalities. This platform menu opens the gateway to imagination and creativity. Personal experience has shown that oftentimes the use of non-textual terrain helps to understand a topic / subject confused by the black and white offered by the parole. Stepping outside of text has at times felt that it carried with it a risk but a risk mimimized through the presence of community.


The experimental nature that the Tumblog has offered to me has had an impact on what I have learned and also how that learning has been shaped, content and form. Crucially, it has removed the fear of the multimodal, instilling a sense of adventure and curiosity as companions for future learning.



  • Rheingold, H. (1993) The virtual community: Homesteading on the electronic frontier. available: http://rheingold.com/books/ [accessed 06.04.2013]
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